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Real Estate Agent Aptitude Test

This test not meant to predict whether you would succeed or fail at real estate sales. It has been designed, rather, to help you foresee satisfactions and challenges that you might experience with a career in real estate.

After you’ve thought about your answer to each question, read the critique.

1. When you need help to accomplish a task, do you usually…

    1. Seek the help of a trusted friend?
    2. Seek the help of an expert?
    3. Work it out for yourself?

    Critique of question 1

    According to research by David McClellan, professor of behavior science at Harvard University, people who like to set their own goals and then work passionately toward them are more inclined to ask experts for help. In other words, people driven to achieve their goals are more interested in successful outcomes and task-closure than the desire for friendly relationships or feeling comfortable.

    This inclination toward expert help can be experienced by anyone who takes the time to set specific goals, then forms a plan to achieve them.

2. Do you prefer to have a project you can control, or would you rather be part of a team effort?

Critique of question 2

High achievers know that they need as much control as possible in order to make their goals become real. They are sometimes called Type A personalities, but that does not mean they like to dominate others merely for the satisfaction of doing so.

3. Do you find yourself giving advice to others, even when it’s not requested?

Critique of question 3

Successful real estate agents are not only task-oriented, they are people-oriented, too. That mix means they are likely to set goals that involve helping people, and that means having influence skill. People who gravitate toward people-helping fields, like sales, often have highly refined influence skills. They often use these skills to give advice, even when not asked for it.

4. Do you usually set deadlines, or do you prefer to let projects find their own completion time?

Critique of question 4

A goal, by definition, has a time frame.

A goal without a deadline or timeline is a dream, or wish.

5. Do you usually start projects with positive thoughts, or do you fret about possible problems?

Critique of question 5

Professor David McClellan of Harvard University has shown that high achievers are not Pollyanna thinkers. They count their strengths, but they try to anticipate obstacles as well. They prepare to overcome challenges with as much foresight as possible.

6. Which is the most exciting to you?

    1. When the task’s success is almost a sure thing.
    2. When there’s a 50/50 chance for success.
    3. When the obstacles seem almost insurmountable.

    Critique of question 6

    High achievers are most excited by the moderate risk. The 50/50 chance implies that the person’s effort and behavior can make the difference. The sure thing or a gamble are preferred by people who do not want personal responsibility for outcomes.

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